Type of Revision of Electoral Roll

The electoral rolls are prepared Assembly constituency wise. The revision of electoral rolls are taken in two different ways I.E. The intensive revision and summary revision. Beside in the circumstances when Election Commission directs so, the electoral rolls are revised partly intensively and partly summarily also. Moreover, the Election Commission can order for special revision also. Thus there are following four types of revisions of electoral rolls.

  • Intensive revision
  • Summary revision
  • Partly intensive and partly summary revision
  • Special revision

For intensive revision of electoral rolls field staff is appointed and they visit every house and out of the residing person in houses they register the names of those persons in the enumeration pad who have attained the age of 18 years. The manuscripts are prepared on the basis of the names registered in the enumeration pads. Thereafter the electoral rolls are got printed and under rule 10 the draft electoral rolls are published. Whereas in summary revision, it is not required to make house to house registration of electors. On the basis of available data of existing electoral rolls and after making the correction, additions and deletions therein the supplementary rolls are prepared and published together with the mother roll. According to the provisions made in rule 24 of the registration of electors rules, 1960 after new delimitation, the existing parts of electoral rolls will be merged with the corresponding parts included in the new constituencies and after making required correction/charges it is to be prepared through a special revision and it is to be published in Form No. 16 under rule 22. Now the Election Commission has decided to prepare Electoral Rolls with Photo. Accordingly, the Electoral Rolls have now been prepared in all Assembly Constituencies with Photo of electors.